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Best Gas Grill Features: A Comprehensive Guide

Grates, grease pans, igniters, and burners are all included as standard components in every gas grill. These qualities are essential for good grill operation, but when choosing a gas grill, it's crucial to know what they have to offer as well as the other alternatives that are accessible.

It can be challenging to decide which gas grill features are worthwhile investing in when there are so many options available, ranging from basic side burners to opulent lighting. So, when buying a new gas grill, which standard or improved grill features should you consider, and which ones can you do without? Read on to know all about it in this article if you are planning to buy a BBQ grill online.

Features of a Standard Gas Grill

Every gas barbeque, from the most entry-level models to the finest luxury grills, has the same standard features. Naturally, the higher the price, the better the quality of these parts and features will be. Features of a typical gas grill include:

  1. Burners – Burners are one of the most important parts of any barbecue since they provide heat to your grill. The material that burners are built of is a significant consideration; most are composed of aluminum, iron, stainless steel, or brass. With sufficient care and maintenance, stainless steel and brass are the most resilient and will last the longest. You don't need to buy a new grill if your current burners are giving you problems.

  2. Grates – To prevent corrosion and degradation, grill cooking grates are often composed of cast iron or stainless steel and may be coated with porcelain or enamel.

  3. Igniter – There are several different sorts of igniters, including manual, push-button, battery-powered, and electric.

  4. Tool hooks – As a functional component of the grill, these hooks are a great spot to hang your tongs, spatula, and grill brush for quick access while you're cooking.

  5. Grease tray – The grease and drippings from your grill are collected in the grease tray for simple disposal. Depending on the price range of your grill, it might or might not pull out for simple cleaning.

  6. Shelf space and storage – Spices and grilling supplies can be kept in storage cabinets and drawers. You may store your grillable and other grilling needs on the side shelves. A detachable tray for the gas tank might be included if your barbecue is a propane grill.

  7. Gas grill side burners – Preparing sauces and other side dishes on a gas grill without turning it off is great. You might even come across a few grills with infrared side burners at the higher end of the normal range.

  8. Control knobs – Most control knobs are composed of metal or plastic. LED lights are occasionally found in high-end models.

Features of Enhanced and Luxury Gas Grills

As your budget rises, you'll start to see grills with improved and extra features, such as pull-out grease trays, side burners for a gas grill, burners or grates made of higher-quality metals, or electronic rather than manual igniters. The essential elements of your usual barbecue can be upgraded greatly by these improved features, which will also enrich your grilling experience as a whole.

At this level, you will also discover upscale features that are not included on every grill, like:

  • Integrated rotisseries

  • Built-in lights for easier night grilling

  • View windows

  • Heat zone separators

  • Longer warranties

Although not required in order to use the grill, these features can undoubtedly increase the fun. You can frequently buy rotisserie kits, grill lighting, and other luxuries separately and add them to a grill later, so if you're unsure if you'll use them enough to justify the extra expense upfront, you can always put them on.

Which grill features should you get?

You are the only one who can decide if a grill function is necessary or may be avoided. The qualities that will be valuable to one griller may not necessarily be beneficial to every griller because everyone has a distinct grilling style and different cooking needs.

You can purchase a grill outfitted with all the opulent extras and features you desire as long as it falls within your price range. However, if your budget is too limited to cover all of the extras and features you've always wanted, we advise skipping the special features in favor of a grill with higher-quality standard parts and useful extras, like:

  • Durable cast iron or stainless-steel burners and cooking grates

  • Electric igniters

  • Gas grill side burners

  • Good storage

  • Pull-out grease trays

The features that may be purchased separately and added to or enhanced later are typically the ideal ones to forego, such as:

  • Gas grill rotisseries

  • Fuel gauges

  • Timers

  • Lid props

  • Grill lighting

  • Smoker boxes


Although gas grill features might enhance your grilling experience, you don't necessarily need to buy a grill that comes equipped with a wide range of expensive accessories. Instead, concentrate on the essential characteristics that are appropriate and practical for your grilling technique.

We suggest selecting a grill with only a few extra features if you have a tight budget because you can always add more later once you determine which features you actually need and desire and when you have the money to upgrade.

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